Sticky: XXX Orgies: I Had My Group Sex Experience on the Music Tour

When I was younger I had a huge crush on the guys of the local band. All of my girlfriends had a crush on one of them, but I just couldn’t decide. I just wanted to fuck each and every one of those five guys. In time, that desire turned into a very strong wish to fuck them all and the same time and even make the xxx orgies video about it so that I could brag about it. Therefore, when they offered me to follow them on their music tour, I thought that it was the perfect opportunity.

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After a big gig, where they were really great, I decided to reward the guys and I entered their trailer. I filled it up with great booze and I dressed up all in leather and lace. When they entered the trailer, they started celebrating the great gig and we both drank a lot of booze. I started making out with one of the guys, but that wasn’t a strange thing and it happened quite a lot. But then I reached for the cock of another guy and although he was surprised, he didn’t mind. I sat in the lap of the guy I was kissing with, my hand in another guys pants when I reached for another cock. The members of the band realized where that was going and they didn’t mind that. The action started and I was so happy.

Before I knew it, I was on my back and my clothes was ripped apart. One dick was in my mouth, two were in my hands and there was somebody eating my pussy and doing it amazingly well. The last one of the guys said that he will wait his turn and in the meantime, he took out a camera and started filming the whole action. Hard, raging, merciless cocks were everywhere around me, fucking me in every hole that I had on my body. At the same time, I felt all those hands grabbing me, pulling me and all those lips kissing me. At the same time, I felt sore and pleased. I think that was the closest I ever felt to ecstasy.

The guys got tired one by one. The posed me on my knees and made a circle around me. The jerked off their cocks, while I was kneeling there, waiting for the jizz to cover my face and my tits. I opened my mouth really wide and they all aimed for my tongue. All the mixed jizz tasted like the heaven itself.

After that I went to a couple of music tours with them, but it was never as exciting as that first time. However, we used that videoclip that we made the first time in order to get us going for every next time. My friends were really envious of my life and my relation with the band, but I couldn’t help it. None of them had the guts to go all the way like I did. Watch these Eronavt XXX orgies online!

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